Why do Golf Courses Have Ponds? (4 Reasons)

Besides the fun and excitement of the game itself, the beauty of golf also lies in the environment you play golf in. Most golf courses feature stunning scenery, beautiful natural landscapes, and breathtaking vistas. A big part of creating this wonderful setting belongs to lakes or ponds ...

Miura vs Mizuno – What Are The Differences?

Japan has a long and proud golf history, with the first golf clubs established more than a century ago. Also, Japanese people have an even longer tradition of samurai sword forging. While samurai swords are, naturally, no longer in high demand, Japanese nowadays apply generational ...

How Far Will A 48-Volt Golf Cart Go? (Solved)

Electric golf carts are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more golfers are switching from gas to electric power to help them move around the golf course. Besides obvious environmental issues, there are several more perfectly sensible reasons behind this overwhelming trend. ...

Who Makes Affinity Golf Clubs? (Find Out The Truth!)

When it comes to golf clubs, most players don't like to experiment too much. Usually, they go with proven and established brands, used by many people and with good reviews all over the internet. Furthermore, purchasing a set of golf clubs often requires a significant investment, so getting ...

Who Makes Western Golf Carts? (Solved!)

Purchasing a golf cart is no small investment and you definitely want to make sure that you'll get your money's worth. Therefore, most people, when picking a golf cart, go with established brands, with years of experience in the industry, and a large number of satisfied customers. ...

Do Golf Carts Have Alternators? Let’s Find Out!

The game of golf, as we know it today, probably wouldn't be the same without golf carts. Getting from hole to hole and moving around the golf course would be much more difficult on foot, especially on larger 18-hole courses, which can spread over more than 200 acres. Not to mention that ...

Are Groove Sharpeners Legal? (Solved!)

A good golf club can have a positive impact on your shot and improve your overall game. However, this is true only if the club is in good condition. After prolonged use, golf clubs, especially irons, start to wear down. This is particularly noticeable on the grooves which become blunt ...

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