How Far Can You Throw a Golf Ball? (Find Out Here)

Not so long ago, an interesting video from the 2022 Pebble Beach Pro-Am golfing event was making rounds on the internet. It featured Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. After he saw his ball land off the fairway, near the crowd in a rather tough position, the young NFL star pulled out ...

What is a Golf Ball Marker? (Find the Answer here)

If you've ever played a bit of golf, or at least watched it on TV, you've probably noticed golfers marking their ball's spot on the green with a small object. Even though it's probably the smallest piece of golf equipment, a golf ball marker is nevertheless very important and something you're ...

How Long do Golf Gloves Last? (Answered In Detail!)

There's nothing better than hitting the golf course on a sunny day and having a friendly competition with your friends or colleagues. Still, to fully enjoy the sport and keep your game at an optimal level, you'll need your equipment to be in tip-top shape. This is especially true for golf ...

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