Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes Without The Spikes?

As one of the essential pieces of golf equipment, golf shoes have a great impact on how you’ll perform on the course.

They are the key to your comfort and cozy feeling while playing golf.

In addition, being the only point of contact with the ground, shoes also play the biggest role in providing good traction on the ground and stability, which is immensely important for the quality of your swing.

To provide quality traction, most golf shoes feature spikes, which deliver extra grip and keep your feet from slipping on the ground while swinging your club.

However, this means that, in most cases. you can’t wear them anywhere else but on the golf course.

This is why some golfers ask the question can you wear spiked shoes without the spikes.

I’ll answer this question below and explain if this is a good idea and whether you should try it.

So, let’s dive in!

Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes Without The Spikes?

Spiked golf shoes have gone a long way from when they first appeared among golfers in 19th-century Scotland.

The first spiked shoes were made by simply hammering nails into the leather-soled boots to deal with the common dump and wet conditions on the links in this part of the world.

Of course, this was far from ideal, and, over time spiked shoes, their design, and the technology used to manufacture them have greatly improved.

Modern spiked golf shoes come in a variety of styles and usually feature removable spikes mounted into the shoe soles.

The spikes are now commonly made of plastic, and a lot of clubs have a total ban on the use of metal spikes.

As you can rather easily remove them, you certainly can wear spiked golf shoes without spikes.

However, this means that you would be getting yourself rid of many benefits the spikes provide.

Benefits of Spiked Golf Shoes

Golfer showing a golf shoe with spikes.


When you swing to hit a golf ball, you put in motion large forces against the ground, and they, in turn, transfer into your body and generate movement.

However, besides the force going directly into the ground, there’s also a huge amount of force going forward-back and side-to-side.

Without good traction between your shoes and the ground, you’re most likely to slip, especially early in your downswing from your back foot.

This is why spiked shoes matter, as they act as an anchor connecting you to the ground, similar to what the tires do for a car.

This is especially true for modern spiked shoes who proved excellent traction in all directions.

Removing the spikes would remove this steady base and you wouldn’t be able to swing safely.

While you probably can get by without spikes on a dry and well-prepared course, in wet and slippery conditions they’re a must.


In general, shoes with spikes will last longer. With many of the spiked shoe models being rather expensive, this is an important issue for many golfers.

With spiked shoes, it’s the spikes that take most of the beating and experience the most wear and tear.

In the case of traditional or spikeless shoes, it’s the heel and sole that wears out first, meaning that you’ll have to buy a new pair of golf shoes.

The great thing about spiked shoes is that when the spikes or studs wear out you can simply replace them, without the need to purchase a brand-new pair of shoes.

Even the original spikes, if you maintain your shoes properly can last you for 12-24 months or even longer if you don’t go golfing that frequently.

Where the Spikes Shouldn’t be Used?

Golf player with spiked golf shoes hitting golf into hole.

As spikes are commonly not permanently fixed, you should take advantage of this and remove them in certain situations.

In general, shoes with spikes shouldn’t be worn on any surface other than grass.

If you have shoes with metal spikes, some clubs even prohibit wearing them on the green, as they may ruin the surface.

So, as soon as you leave the grass to go to the clubhouse or wherever, you should remove the spikes from your shoes, or replace your shoes altogether.

Spikes on golf shoes are not designed for surfaces such as concrete or pavement. Using them there is not recommended for several reasons.

Firstly, it can be very unsafe and you can easily slip on the hard surface. Secondly, the spikes will quickly wear out and you’ll have to buy new ones.

Finally, wearing spiked shoes on hard surfaces gets very uncomfortable after a short while.

What about Spikeless Shoes?

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Lately, spikeless golf shoes are becoming more and more popular among golfers.

Most of the established golf shoe manufacturers are now offering a wide range of spikeless models.

While they don’t have detachable spikes, these shoes don’t have flat soles either,

Rather, they have rubber and textured studs molded to the sole.

Modern spikeless shoes are rather stable, but still don’t offer traction and grip at the level of spike shoes, which is why most pro golfers still go with the latter.

However, spikeless shoes offer other advantages.

They’re lighter, fit better, are more comfortable, and commonly feature a wider range of available styles.

Plus, they’re more versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces and even worn casually every day, just like traditional sneakers.


The answer to the question from the beginning of the article is yes, you can wear spiked golf shoes without spikes.

However, you should be aware that spikes are not there by accident and they provide some significant benefits that can improve your game.

Mainly, they provide more traction and stability during the swing. However, you can only wear them on the golf course.

Depending on how often you play and on what kind of golf course, you can also opt for spikeless golf shoes.

You’ll lose some of the stability on the swing, but will have more freedom of movement and likely feel more comfortable.

Of course, if your budget allows it, the ideal option would be to own both types of golf shoes and wear each of them as you see fit.

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