Srixon Soft Feel vs Q Star – What’s The Difference?

Finding the golf ball that will be a perfect match for your swing speed and experience level can go a long way in helping you improve your performance.

Every ball has specific qualities that will suit a certain type of player.

What works for low handicappers and seasoned pros probably won’t be a great fit for those with less skill and vice versa.

So, before making a purchase, carefully consider all the factors that will help you make the right decision.

Srixon is one of the brands offering a very wide range of golf balls, with specifically designed models for players of different abilities.

They have balls that are used by pros on the Tour but also feature models that can help less experienced players up their game.

Below, I’ll compare Srixon Soft Feel vs Q Star, two balls from this company best suited for mid to -high handicappers.

So, let’s dive in!

Srixon Soft Feel Review

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If you’re just starting with golf or struggling with low swing speed, Srixon Soft Feel might just be the perfect ball for you.

While the manufacturer advertises the ball as intended for golfers with swings below 100mph, it will likely be the most beneficial for those in the 70-80 mph range.

Even with a swing speed in the lower range, Srixon Soft is likely to add some distance to the shots, thanks to the compression on the lower end, ultra soft cover, and aerodynamic design.

Srixon also offers a version of this ball designed for female golfers, [amazon link=”B08HPDZD1N” title=”Soft Feel Lady” link_icon=”amazon” /], which features a slightly lower compression and a bit thinner outer cover.


At 60, compression of the [amazon link=”B08HPDCJST” title=”Srixon Soft feel” link_icon=”amazon” /] is in the lower range, although it’s not among the softest ball available on the market.

This allows even players with slower swings to hit it properly and get a higher launch and decent distance.

Lower compression also means that the core is rather resilient and quickly snaps back in the shape after the impact which contributes to more ball speed and reduced spin on long drives.


As you would expect from a ball with his name, Srixon Soft Feel provides a rather cushy feel, often in line with more expensive, premium balls.

Even though it features a 2-piece design, Fast Layer center, and 0.063 inches thick Ionomer cover, helps this ball provides feel and control beyond expectations.

The excellent feedback on the impact and soft feel are especially noticeable true when hitting the ball off the tee and from the fairways or the rough.

Around the greens, despite a softer feel, Srixon Soft Feel doesn’t provide control at the level you may expect, mainly due to a lack of noteworthy spin.

Still, it will meet the short-game standards for most mid and high-handicappers.

It’s rare to find a ball that provides the softness of a feel at this level without sacrificing much of the distance.

Dimple Pattern

Srixon Soft Feel comes with a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, seen in many other models from this manufacturer.

The dimple design contributes to reduced drag on long shots, increased lift, and adds to more distance and straighter flight.

This remains true even when playing in fairly windy conditions.

Srixon Soft Fell will likely deliver a solid distance and launch at a decent height throughout your bag,


Srixon is mainly designed to add to distance even at lower swing speeds, and a low spin rate on long drives delivers just that.

While less spin may bother you on the green, when hitting off the tee from fairways, it keeps the ball flying in a straight line and carry nice and long.

After all, a lower spin rate is rather helpful for golf beginners who often struggle to control the spin on their hits.

  • soft and cushy feel
  • budget-friendly
  • straight and steady flight
  • excellent distance in the long game
  • not the best durability
  • could use more spin around the greens

Srixon Q Star Review

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Srixon’s intention with Q Star was to provide a golf ball that will satisfy those players who look for a balance between performance and price and want to get good value for their money.

Although it’s priced in the mid-tier of the Srixon lineup, in many aspects, Q Star performs on the level of balls belonging to the premium class.

Q Star is mainly intended for players with low to mid handicaps, who can use this ball to get closer to the pro level of performance.

Its features put it above the Soft Feel in the Srixon lineup, but a step below tour-level balls such as Z Star.

While it may not deliver the feel and control of the more expensive balls, Q Star adds more than a bit of distance even for players with slow swings and provides a satisfactory level of performance on the green.


Q Star features a slightly higher compression rating compared to Soft Feel, clocking at 72.

Still, it ranks among the lower compression balls and provides a bit softer feel, and is easier to hit than harder balls intended for low handicappers.

This means that, using [amazon link=”B09MTYLF28″ title=”Srixon Q Star” link_icon=”amazon” /], even the less skilled players should be able to hit straight and long shots.

The main target group for balls with this level of compression are golfers with swing speeds in the 75-95 mph range.


The responsiveness Q Star provides around the green will be appreciated even by the more advanced players.

The feel on the impact and the feedback a player receives is more similar to premium balls than those in the same price range as Q Star.

One of the reasons for this is the soft Ionomer cover, which, along with Srixon’s FastLayer core, helps you achieve a great level of control on the green and more speed and distance when hitting off the tee.

Plus, Q Star is rather forgiving, giving you some room for error on mishits.

Dimple Pattern

Q Star has a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, the same one as the Soft Feel.

This means it will also have a great lift and decent spin on the drives, allowing the ball to reach greater distances.

In addition, this type of dimple pattern helps the ball maintain a straight path, even when there are strong winds.


On full swings, Q Star provides decent spin, allowing players more control and helping them achieve longer distances, performing at the level of more expensive balls.

However, off the wedge and around the green, the spin rate is not exactly optimal, resulting in less stopping power.

Still, it will provide more than satisfactory performance for less advanced players.

  • high durability
  • great distance off the tee
  • excellent level of forgiveness
  • provides great value for money
  • stable flight even in windy conditions
  • not great for players with faster swings
  • not perfectly optimized spin, especially around the green

Srixon Soft Feel vs Q Star – What’s The Difference?

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Both of these balls were designed with the primary purpose of providing more distance for players with lower swing speeds.

So, when comparing Srixon Soft Feel vs Q Star, you’ll notice plenty of similarities.

Still, when deciding on which one to buy, you’ll be more interested in what sets them apart.


As both balls are designed for distance, you can expect to be satisfied with either of them.

Still, as Soft Feel is a bit softer and features a somewhat lower compression rating, the best result can be expected by players with swing speeds below 80 mph.

Q Star also adds distance on slower swings but is more suitable for those signing in the 80-90 mph range.


Another similarity between Soft Feel and Q Star is that they fave the same Ionomer cover and both feature a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern.

This means that they both will provide a similar spin rate, especially in the long game.

However, Q Star performs slightly better and offers a better spin rate and control around the green, although not on the level of premium golf balls.


For inexperienced players, with very low swing speeds, Soft Feel will likely provide better feel and control, particularly when putting and using the wedge.

Q Star, on the other hand, offers more responsiveness and better quality of feedback, which is why it is suitable for mid-handicappers, in addition to golf beginners.


Srixon Soft Feel and Q Star fall into a similar price range, which is expected as they both target similar categories of golfers.

Still, Soft Feel is a bit cheaper, with the price for a dozen golf balls standing around $23. In the case of Q Star, a dozen golf balls will set you back a bit under $30.


No matter where you are on the golf course, hitting off the tee or putting on the green, you use the same golf ball.

So, your decision about which ball you will use should be made after careful consideration and a fair bit of research.

For players who are yet to reach the advanced level, two golf balls from Srixon, Soft Feel and Q Star, could be a perfect choice.

If you’re just beginning your golf career, Soft Feel will help you achieve a decent performance, even with fairly low swing speed and poor technique.

Golfers who have some experience, but still struggle with swing speed, should definitely consider the Q Star model.

Whichever you choose, remember that the most important thing is that it fits your game and skill level.

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