Who Makes Affinity Golf Clubs? (Find Out The Truth!)

When it comes to golf clubs, most players don’t like to experiment too much.

Usually, they go with proven and established brands, used by many people and with good reviews all over the internet.

Furthermore, purchasing a set of golf clubs often requires a significant investment, so getting the right clubs that fit your playing style is not only important for your game but also for the state of your budget.

Therefore, most golf clubs you’ll see on golf courses are made by some of the largest brands, such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, or Titleist.

However, besides major manufacturers, there have been plenty of smaller brands that tried to get their piece of the market with more or less success.

One of those brands, that you may come across while searching for golf clubs, is Affinity.

Below, I’ll look into who makes Affinity golf clubs and whether they’re still available.

So, let’s dive in!

Who Makes Affinity Golf Clubs?

Unfortunately for those considering Affinity golf clubs as a potential purchase, they’re out of luck as these clubs are no longer available on the market, at least the new ones.

Affinity golf clubs were made by a company called King Par Corporation, which was established in 1998.

The brand had a good run that lasted about 20 years but ultimately couldn’t keep up with larger brands and survive in the market.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 2016 and that marked the end of the production of Affinity golf clubs.

While it was active, King Par put out an interesting line of Affinity golf clubs, with a wide range of models for all types of players, including golf clubs specifically made for left-handed players.

In addition to Affinity golf clubs, King Par Corporation also produced several other lines of golf clubs and accessories, including Knight Golf, Strategy, Fortune, and Intech.

Where Were Affinity Golf Clubs Made?

Golfer hitting a ball with an affinity golf club.

Affinity golf clubs belonged to the group of rare golf accessories that were made exclusively in the United States.

King Par Corporation, the company that made Affinity golf clubs, was headquartered in Flushing, Michigan.

This is also where the golf clubs and other accessories were being produced.

In addition to manufacturing golf equipment, King Par Corporation also owned a specialized golf store and operated a nearby 9-hole golf course.

King Par Superstore was one of the largest golf specialty stores in Michigan, 7th biggest in the entire Mid-West, and honored as one of the 100 best golf stores in the United States.

Today, the store is no longer operational. However, the King Par Golf Complex in Flushing was taken over by the Hull family in 2019.

Today, they operate a driving range and pro golf shop at the same location, under the name Grounds Driving Range & Pro Shop.

Can You Buy Affinity Golf Clubs Today?

If you want to purchase an Affinity golf club today, your only option is to buy them as used golf equipment.

Even though they’re no longer in production, you can find a fairly large offer of used Affinity golf clubs on eBay and specialized stores that sell the pre-owned golf equipment.

In rare cases, you may even find a brand-new set of Affinity golf clubs that have been kept in stock in some stores.

The range of prices for used Affinity golf clubs varies greatly and depends on the condition the club is in.

There are clubs that you can get for as little as a couple of dollars, but those that are in good condition are rated higher and go for around $40-$50.

You can even find a whole set for around $150.


Affinity golf clubs, once manufactured by King Par Corporation, are no longer in production. So, purchasing new clubs from this brand is no longer an option.

This is rather unfortunate, as Affinity golf clubs, while they were still in production, were an excellent option in the lower price range.

They were known as superb entry-level clubs, mainly intended for beginners and those golfers playing with high handicaps.

So, if you manage to find used Affinity golf clubs that are still in good condition, they can be a great and cheap choice if your skill set and swing technique are still not at the level that would justify a more significant investment in equipment.

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