Miura vs Mizuno – What Are The Differences?

Japan has a long and proud golf history, with the first golf clubs established more than a century ago.

Also, Japanese people have an even longer tradition of samurai sword forging.

While samurai swords are, naturally, no longer in high demand, Japanese nowadays apply generational steelmaking knowledge and passion to make some of the world’s finest golf clubs.

There are several golf club brands from Japan that are worth your attention, but two of the leading manufacturers are certainly Miura and Mizuno.

Besides leading Japanese and Asian markets, Miura and Mizuno rank very close to the top of the US golf industry.

Thanks to the high quality of their clubs and expert craftsmanship, both of these brands are often seen in golf bags of both amateur and pro plays.

Below, I’ll compare Miura vs Mizuno to see what they add to your bag and what are the differences between them.

Miura Clubs Overview

Miura golf logo.

Led by legendary Katsuhiro Miura and his family, Miura has been making golf clubs since the 1950s.

The thing that makes this company stand out among other manufacturers is its commitment to tradition and handcrafted approach, rather than using modern technologies to mass-produce golf clubs for wider audiences.

The dedication to design principles and a patented forging process that has been developed and refined over more than fifty years are important factors in Miura’s appeal.

The result of this approach is a masterfully crafted, high-performing, stylish, and durable product.

Miura’s focus is mostly on wedges and irons, forged by using softer steel than commonly used cast irons.

This provides an excellent feel on the hits, impeccable sound on impact, and great feedback on every shot.

Of course, this level of quality comes at a price, and Miura golf clubs are among the most expensive on the market.

Mizuno Clubs Overview

Mizuno golf logo.

Among all the Japanese manufacturers offering golf equipment in the United States, Mizuno is probably the most popular.

They offer a wide range of golf clubs, with available models both for low and high -handicappers and players with different levels of skill and experience.

Similar to Miura, forged irons are Mizuno’s greatest strength, although drivers coming from this company have also been attracting a lot of attention lately.

Mizuno golf clubs are best known for the soft feel they provide and are always great-looking pieces of golf equipment.

Besides amazing feel and looks, they also commonly offer great consistency on the distance and a particularly long life span.

This is achieved thanks to the precision forging process which involves tightly packing grains of metal and the addition of other high-quality materials besides steel, such as Chromoly and Boron.

This results in more strength, but also thinner clubfaces and more speed.

Miura vs Mizuno – What are the Differences?

Miura and Mizuno golf clubs share a lot of common qualities and both companies are known for constantly delivering great products to golf players.

While each manufacturer is known for producing awesome golf clubs, there are still some differences that set the clubs coming from these companies apart.

Feel and Performance

Golf clubs from Miura are commonly indeed for players with more experience, better technique, and higher skill levels.

This means that the feel provided by these clubs is relatively firm, dense, and split. The lack of ultra-soft feel may bother low-handicappers, but in the hands of skilled golfers,

Miura clubs offer fantastic performance and help players launch the ball with speed and precision and achieve great distances.

On the other hand, Mizuno golf club usually offers a much softer feel, more suited for less experienced players.

Plus, they commonly provide more forgiveness, helping players get better shots, even on mishits.

However, when it comes to feedback on the hits, Mizuno is a bit behind Miura golf clubs which are more responsive and give golfers a better idea of how they hit their shots.

Quality and Design

The two companies feature very different approaches to manufacturing their clubs.

Miura commonly produces golf clubs in small batches, which allows them to pay more attention to detail and conduct better quality control of each club that comes out of their forging plant.

True to the Japanese, tradition, Miura golf clubs feature a more classic, simple, and minimalistic design.

Mizuno is more turned toward mass production, but that doesn’t take away much from the quality of their golf clubs.

Even in the lower price range, Mizuno golf clubs never go below the high-quality standards set by the company.

A larger number of available models means that Mizuno clubs feature more varied aesthetics and a wider range of styles.

Price and Availability

Miura golf clubs are among the most expensive on the market. You will hardly be able to find their club for less than $300.

A set of irons from Miura will usually set you back more than $2,000.

While they also have products in higher price ranges, Mizuno also offers a line of cheaper golf clubs, where you can get a club for around $125.

The biggest downside of Miura golf clubs is their availability.

If you have your heart set on purchasing a set of clubs from this company, you may have trouble finding them in your local golf equipment stores.

On the other hand, the large majority of golf stores in the United States carry a varied offer of Mizuno clubs.

Another factor to consider is that Miura only puts out irons and wedges, while Mizuno can equip your entire golf bag, including irons, wedges, drivers, and putters.


If you’re thinking about purchasing new golf clubs, leading Japanese brands Miura and Mizuno are certainly worthy of your consideration.

Both companies produce golf clubs but have different approaches. Mizuno manufactures great clubs but is more of a commercial brand.

Miura doesn’t put out mass products and is more of a specialist manufacturer.

This allows them to achieve a higher level of craftsmanship, but also significantly raises the prices of their golf clubs,

If you’re a low-handicap player, participating in the tournaments, Miura golf clubs may be worth the money you spend on them.

However, less experienced golfers with higher handicaps will hardly be able to tell a difference between the two brands.

For those players, it’s probably a better idea to go with Mizuno and save some money while still getting excellent golf clubs.

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