How to Hang Golf Clubs on the Wall? (6 Solutions)

For most golfers, their clubs are more than just a piece of sporting equipment.

Once they find a perfect set of golf clubs that they can rely on, players typically start considering their clubs among their most prized possessions.

That’s why, for many, it’s very important to keep the clubs in perfect condition even when not playing.

This means that they have to find a way to store them properly, which can often be difficult due to the lack of space.

One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to hang golf clubs on the wall.

It saves space, makes the clubs easily accessible for use and cleaning, and also allows golfers an opportunity to proudly display their most valued pieces or those that have sentimental value for them.

Of course, to do all this, you first have to learn how to hang golf clubs on the wall.

How to Hang Golf Clubs on the Wall?

Hanging golf clubs on the wall may seem like an easy task, and it probably is to some degree, but it’s still important to do it right so your clubs can stay safe and in perfect condition.

At the same time, the clubs should be arranged and displayed in a way that’s not an eyesore, but an elegant addition to any room you hang them in.

So, you have to think about how to hang golf clubs on the wall, what method to use, and pick the space they’re going to be displayed in,

This way, your golf clubs will be perfectly organized, safely out of the way, and a nice sight for everyone who enters the room they’re displayed in.

Also, in the long run, this will help you extend the life of your favorite golf clubs and have them perform better.

Best Ways to Hang Golf Clubs on the Wall

To help you find the best and most suitable way to hang your golf clubs on the wall, here’s a brief overview of the best methods to do it.

Using Wall Racks

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The most common way of organizing golf clubs on the wall is by using wooden, metal, or wire racks.

If you’re using wood racks, always make sure that they can withstand the weight of the golf clubs you plan to keep there.

It’s also important to find the appropriate spot on the wall where you’re going to hang the rack.

Racks are particularly convenient as they can be used for storing or displaying different types of clubs, no matter if it’s an iron, driver, or putter.

Some racks feature grommets whose role is to serve as club holders as you can easily insert club grips into the holes.

A big advantage of wall racks is that you can easily put clubs on and take them off whenever you need to use or clean them.

Typically these racks can hold between 3 and 10 golf clubs, depending on their size.

Using Shadow Box

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When you want to display old golf clubs that are not in use anymore, but hold a certain sentimental or aesthetic value, it’s a good idea to hang them on the wall using the shadow box display.

This means storing clubs in an enclosed glass-front display, typically made of wood.

This is a fairly expensive method, especially if you’re using one of the more exclusive shadow box displays, but once you see how it looks on the wall and how much beauty it adds to the room, it will almost certainly be worth the money.

You may also use the shadow box to display the clubs you’re currently using, but that’s not the most practical idea as taking the clubs in and out all the time is not particularly convenient.

Using Open-Frame Display or Wall Hook

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If you plan to display your golf clubs on the wall, but still want to maintain airflow around them, you can use an open-frame display or wall hooks.

An open-frame display is fairly similar to a shadow box but doesn’t have the front glass enclosing the clubs inside.

This makes the clubs more accessible and the entire setup is easier to clean.

Probably the simplest method of hanging your golf clubs on the wall is by using metal wall hooks.

This is a very convenient way, as the hooks are simple to install, and the clubs are always accessible and easy to take on and off.

Plus, it’s the most cost-effective technique as you don’t need anything but the hooks.

Still, using wall hooks leaves some room for personalization and allows you to easily arrange the clubs in the way you like the most.

Using Staff Bag

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This is the most practical way of hanging golf clubs on the wall if you play frequently and use the golf clubs often.

A staff bag is, of course, typically used by golfers to carry the clubs and other equipment while on the golf course.

However, it can also be used for storage and if you put it on the wall you will save some space in your garage or any other room you keep your golf equipment in.

This way, if put a little bit of effort into organizing your clubs, you can always have them ready and easily accessible whenever you decide to go to play some golf.

You can even hang more than one bag and organize your clubs by type or in any other way you feel is suitable and makes it easier to find the club you need.

Using X-Hanger

X-hangers are a particularly popular way of showcasing your current or old golf clubs on the walls inside your house.

They got their name thanks to the characteristic X-shape in which the golf clubs are displayed.

The two clubs are set in a angled cross pattern and can be spaced at different angles one from another.

The characteristic shape means that the clubs are locked in the x position and have almost no chance of falling or getting damaged.

Obviously, the downside of this method is it’s not very practical if you plan to still use those clubs as taking them off the hanger is a bit complicated.

Another disadvantage is that you can use it to hang only two golf clubs.

However, X-hanger does make for a visually interesting wall piece that can add some elegance to your room’s interior decor.

Fan-Pattern Display

If you’re looking to hang your golf clubs on the wall in a more visually attractive and interesting way, you can display them in a pattern of a fan.

This will make the clubs on your wall look similar to the peacock’s tail.

However, arranging your clubs to look like this is not very easy and will take some meticulous planning and careful execution.

Also, you should be aware that this type of display will occupy a large portion of the wall, so make sure you have enough space.

When hanging clubs in this pattern, the bottom parts, or grips, should be put close together, with almost no space in between.

On the other hand, the clubheads should expand or gradually fan out.

To make this work and look good, you’ll need to make sure that each club is set at the exact same distance from the previous and next club.

What to Consider Before Hanging Golf Clubs on the Wall?

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When thinking about how to hang golf clubs on the wall, there are a couple of important factors you’ll need to take into consideration.

The method you choose should depend on these considerations, as not every hanging technique will work for all purposes and all locations.

Taking these factors into account will also help you determine what you need to hang golf clubs on the wall and find or purchase everything you may be missing at the moment.

Below is a short rundown of the essential factors to consider before displaying and hanging your golf clubs on the wall.

The Temperature of the Room and Airflow

When storing your golf clubs, one of the most important factors dictating how you will do it is the conditions of the room you will use.

No matter if you’re hanging the clubs only to store them when you’re not playing or creating a permanent display of your collection, you want the clubs to remain in mint condition.

Among other things, this means that you should avoid spaces with extreme heat, as it can easily damage the clubs.

So, avoid the walls that are directly exposed to sunlight.

Also, look for environments that are not humid and have a sufficient amount of natural airflow, to prevent clubs from rusting or the degradation of grip glue.


Of course, you also have to think about your available budget.

Golf clubs are typically very expensive on their own, and choosing a method of hanging them on the wall that is also costly, may overextend your budget.

Luckily, there are plenty of relatively cheap ways to do this, even when operating on a tight budget.


The first thing to think about is why are you hanging your golf clubs on the wall in the first place.

If you are doing this only as a way to store them and save some space, then you should keep it as simple as possible.

The most important thing will be to make sure your clubs are safe and easily accessible.

However, if you’re organizing a wall display as a way to show off your golf club collection or certain valuable and unique pieces, then you should make an effort to make the display unique, interesting, and visually appealing.

Available Space

The way you will hang your golf clubs will, to a great degree, be determined by how much space you have available.

Therefore, it’s important to plan carefully, and take measures of both the available space on the wall and the golf clubs you plan to hang there.

If you’re hanging your clubs in a garage or similar room, you probably won’t mind if the wall looks cluttered or overcrowded.

On the other hand, when displaying your golf club collection in a living room or other more classy environments, then, you will have to take into account how the clubs and the way they’re arranged on the wall complement the overall interior decor.

Benefits of Hanging Golf Clubs on the Wall

There are many reasons why hanging golf clubs on the wall is one of the best and most convenient methods of storing these pieces of golf equipment.

For starters, doing this keeps the golf clubs out of the way and saves space in the house, but still makes them easily accessible at any moment.

It’s also a great option for storing golf clubs for a longer period.

For example, you can hand your golf clubs on the wall during the offseason and have them ready and in perfect condition, once the spring arrives and courses open again.

Of course, with long-term storage, you’ll need to make sure that the room you keep clubs in is not too hot or humid.

Finally, there’s an aesthetic appeal of the golf club wall display. Golf clubs can look great on the living room walls, above the fireplace, or even in the bedroom.


If you’ve ever played golf, you know how vital golf clubs are for your performance on the course.

There is no piece of golf equipment that’s more valuable and also none that is more personal and specific to each golf player.

So, it’s no wonder that players often develop special relationships with their golf clubs and want to keep them in optimal condition or proudly display them once they’re no longer in use.

Placing them on the wall is probably the most practical and the most effective way to do this.

Learning how to hang golf clubs on the wall will allow you to store your golf clubs even if you don’t have plenty of space in your home and add some visual appeal to any room you display them in.

Plus, for golf enthusiasts, there’s hardly a better conversation starter than a set of clubs hanging on the wall.

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