Are There Any Par 2 or Par 6 Golf Holes?

If you play golf often and keep the score, you know how important the par rating of the golf course is and how much your score will depend on the par of each hole.

As you probably know par 72 is the standard and almost every 18-hole golf course, no matter if it’s private or public will have this rating.

This matters, as the same par rating allows the universal handicap calculating chart and serves as the basis for other major golf resources.

Playing golf, you’ll probably also notice that the par 72 course has a pretty standard layout, consisting of par 4 mostly, and a few par 3 and par 5 holes.

However, a lot of golfers, especially those rather new to the sport, wonder are there any par 2 golf holes.

And, for that matter, do some golf courses feature a par 6 hole?

Are There Any Par 2 Golf Holes?

Par 2 holes in golf are practically non-existent.

You may be able to find them at some places, but they mostly serve as a gimmick and can’t be found on any standard golf course.

Why There are no Par 2 Golf Holes?

The reason for this is fairly simple and perfectly logical.

The golf par score always involves two putts, allowing the players two attempts to complete the hole and to still stay on par as they get to the green and close to the hole.

So, if there was a par 2 golf hole, the entire hole would be played on the green and there would be no strokes needed before you get to the green.

Basically, the teeing ground would be a part of the green and you would tee off from there, using your putter.

Plus, a par 72 of the 18-hole course means that the average par is 4, meaning that for every par 3 hole, you also need a par 5 hole.

A par 2 hole would mess up this math and require the course to also accommodate a par 6 hole.

Are There Any Par 6 Golf Holes?

A par 6 golf course.

Par 6 holes are rarely seen on golf courses, but, unlike par 2, they do exist and are regulated by USGA rules.

However, it’s not common that a standard par 72 golf course features a par 6 hole.

In the entire United States, there are no more than two dozen of golf courses with par 6 holes.

Why are Par 6 Golf Holes Rare?

This is because having a par 6 hole creates all sorts of logistic problems for both the course and the players.

To complete an average hole, most 18-hole golf courses require players a shot off the tee, an approach through the fairway, and two putts on the green.

A par 6 hole makes this much more difficult, mainly because of the greater distance. So, it can ruin your entire score.

In addition, a par 6 hole can throw the entire golf course off balance.

Most golf courses are split into two par 36 halves, both with approximately the same yardage and difficulty.

A par 6 hole would require two more par 3s on the same part of the course, as well as the same layout in the other half.

Needless to say, this is a logistical nightmare.

What is USGA Guidance on Par 6 Holes?

The leading golf governing bodies in the world, the R&A and USGA, determine what yardage a par 6 hole should be.

In 2020, these organizations introduced the World Handicap System, which, among other things, states that, for men, a golf hole with a yardage of 670 yards and more will have a par 6 rating.

For female golfers, a hole that is longer than 570 yards will qualify as a par 6.


The par of the hole is established according to its length and relative difficulty which dictates how many strokes it takes to complete a particular hole.

Standard golf courses commonly feature a similar layout and have a par 72 rating for 18 holes of play.

This is the reason why you’ll never see a par 2 hole on a standard course, while a par 6 hole is extremely rare.

Having a hole that’s supposed to be completed with two strokes would mean that its entire length would be on the green.

On the other hand, a par 6 hole can mess up the balance of the course and have significant implications on its difficulty, which is why they are so hard to find on standard courses.

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