3 Easy Steps To Maximizing Your Game

All of us who play the game of golf desire to play a game with out limitations. If you follow our three step process your dreams of maximizing your game will come true.

The first step is to develop a golf swing that with hold up under pressure, allowing you to hit solid,and long shots with control. Imagine your shots finding the middle of the fairway on a consistent basis, and your irons finding the flag with regularity. With the revolutionary BioSwing Dynamics system your ideal biomechanics will be discovered.

Once you have been tested your ideal lower body action will be determined (lateral, or rotary (one post, or two post(center and left hip or right hip and left hip)). Which plane your club should swing on Shaft Plane, Right Arm Plane or Shoulder Plane. What your hip speed is: Fast, Medium or Slow.

From these test you preferred shot shape is chosen, and a perfect set up will be built (Grip, Posture, Stance, Ball Position, Aim and Alignment). Once we build a repeating, energy efficient swing will move on to building a World Class Short Game capable of getting up and down from every lie and each situation.

The Final Stage is learning how to manage yourself on the golf course, regardless of how you hit it.

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